Would you like to join the bilpcoin white list

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We believe that good content creators should be rewarded a bit extra that's why we created bilpcoin whitelist to allow people who join will get some extra perks the first is being able to use our promotion bot to get some extra BPC this is exclusively available for bilpcoin whitelisted users another perk when you use our promotion we will also give you free promotion in the promoted page on bilpcoin.com and another perk we are starting a monthly 250 BPC giveaway only for whitelisted users to apply for the bilpcoin whitelist you must stake 10k BPC and create good content once you do this contact us we will review your account if you are accepted you will receive a response within 24 hours

the official bilpcoinbot this bot will be manual process to start with you will be able to use the bot twice a day maximum we will only accept BPC for this promotion service what ever you send BPC to @bilpcoinbot along with post link we will match it meaning send minimum 10 BPC and get a 18 to 20 BPC upvote maximum 50 BPC for a 98 to 100 BPC upvote we will increase the maximum and minimum in the future this is just the early stages another perk all posts promoted e.g. Upvoted by promotion bot will get there posts free promotion on the promoted page on bilpcoin.com this is a good way to burn tokens if you are interested in joining the bilpcoin white list you must stake at least 10k BPC and make good content no one on any blacklists will be able to join this exclusive club


Update please reply to our latest post with the link to the post you want promoted please also follow steps above


Update no posts older than three days old will be promoted

Thanks for adding me to the Bilpcoin Whitelist. Please consider the following article: https://steemit.com/naturalproducts/@sumatranate/making-homemade-apple-sauce-a-story-with-pictures

This would be fine please send BPC to @bilpcoinbot along with the link in memo

You have received 29 BPC Vote you will receive free 2 BPC worth of promotion in the promoted page

I was invited to be part of the whitelist and I am very honoured to be accepted.
Should I do anything more?

No that's it you are in

You can now use @bilpcoinbot just send BPC and the link we will do the rest twice a day maximum the minimum amount to send is 10BPC the maximum is 50BPC we will increase in the future

You have received 20 BPC Vote you will receive free 3 BPC worth of promotion in the promoted page

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Thank you so much for the invitation

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