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We are bilpcoinrecords, we have our own tokens called BPCR, all token holders Will get a daily upvote, the more you hold the bigger the upvote, you will receive
You will continue to get a daily upvote, for as long as you hold the token our main goal is to reward music creators but we also upvote, anyone who holds our tokens we have started to power up all other tribe tokens so we can reward you more we are also buying steempower delegation most days we are starting to build up a lot of power now we have a goal to reach one million steempower by the end of 2020 or maybe before so buy the tokens now and get added to our upvote
if you buy our tokens please send a screenshot of purchase and get added

we have finished our first project called Bilped, out it's a project that features music artists from all over the world we have make some good connections in such a short time we will be working on a new music project soon
we will be powering up all BPCR token sales to we reach one million steempower then we will be activating staking for bigger upvotes many more updates and uses for the coin will be available in the future our first mission is powering up one million steempower so please support us and we will support you

if you are a musician and want to be involved our future project please contact us

By holding the BPCR you will get a daily upvote on one post its not just for musicians any one can get a upvote by holding the tokens so its win win
BPCR token's

Tribe token and site

Bilpcoin tribe site

Tribe token BPC

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We are bilpcoin the tribe for the whole community


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