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We will be offering promotion on and on starting next week
So to get promoted on Instagram and you will need to buy 100 BPC tokens and send 50BPC @null with post link and 50BPC to @bilpcoin.null with post link then reply with post link to this post a added bonus you will get a 25 to 50 BPC upvote promoted post we also offer Twitter promotion.


The 50BPC sent to bilpcoin.null will be burned to promote your post on
And your post will be shared to our instagram feed we are building a strong following networking all over the world we have built to last so join us at start earning BPC today use the hashtag's #bilpcoin #bpc join the family join the future

No blacklisted users on any blacklist can use this promotion if stake 20k BPC or more you can get 50% discount on two posts a day the maximum promotion for any one user is three times a day we will be offering this promotion many more updates on the way #bilpcoin #bpc the tribe for the community we are the future
Bilpcoin tribe site

Tribe token BPC

BPCR Tokens holders get a daily upvote the more you hold the bigger the upvote BPCR Token holder get upvoted by @bilpcoinrecords

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