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I reward all users who use the hashtag #bilpcoin or #bpc and if you use the interface you will be rewarded with a upvote plus a @bilpcoinbot upvote our mission with is simple to reward as many users as possible and build up as much power as possible.
If you are interested you can support this project by just delegating a small amount of hive power to us and it will help all users being upvoted by us if you have been upvoted by us you will be getting upvoted for life so why not delegate.
we might miss a vote that's just because we currently only have a limited amount of hive power if you are not using I suggest you start using it or even just use the hashtags #BPC #BILPCOIN

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delegate 25 delegate 50 delegate 100
delegate 200 delegate 1000 delegate 10000


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Hi there, the We Are Alive tribe with the #alive tag is not a general posts tribe, please review our posting guidelines, We Are Alive - What Is This Tribe About? - And What To Post Here?

ok sorry

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Thank you.