I am thankful everyday. Are you? Dead cat bounce?

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Short story time.

I am thankful everyday. Some times you encounter people that make you pause. I know I am thankful for the fact that my wife has 8 years a life after her first cancer diagnosis. I hate to say it, and only saying to emphasise this story, but it becomes common and sometimes you forget the struggle her struggle.

But yesterday at work I had a customer come in that lived out of town, she had all kinds of error messages on the dash of her vehicle. She did not know what to. We are fully booked at work. I offered her if she could leave the vehicle we would do our best to get it looked at in-between scheduled appointments. She waited and within 3 hours we had her on the road. But that is not the point of this story.

As she was checking in, I noticed on the right side of her chest, that she had a band-aid. In the exact spot that my wife has her port - port for putting in cancer treatments or medication so an IV does not have to be used.

So me being me I had to ask her. The customer is 10 years into cancer survival. 10 fracking years. No more treatments but she needs potassium often to keep her alive. She was happy as can be. Even with all she had going on with the car and waiting around. Happy as can be.

She understands the value of being alive.

It was another perspective slap. No matter how bad you think you got it, someone else always got it worse.

It added to my thankfulness of life everyday.

Markets - Bitcoin and Hive.

Are we seeing a slight recovery or are we seeing a dead cat bounce?

What are your thoughts?



That is what the last month looked like for both.

List Nerds

Even though I am now a free member of ListNerds, temporary!!! I still pulled off over 1000 Nerds earned in the last 24 hours. Almost 1100. Mind Blowing.


Quickly going to highlight three post I read on ListNerds this morning before I go to work.

This Week on ListNerds #2 by @mypathtofire

Hive Tools or App that You May Not Know by @ifarmgirl and a new follower in me they have :)

The Bull Goes Up The Stairs. The Bear Goes Out The Window. by @rpren and a new follower in me they have :)


List Nerds

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Have a super positive day everyone.



Thank you for sharing the story of your lady customer, she certainly appreciate life a lot better than most do :)

As to the market, I am not sure whether it is recovery but others say it is just a relief. But no matter how it is going, we are gonna keep building :)

And many thanks for including my post in yours, you are very awesome! It is much appreciated :)

You are killing it in ListNerds for sure! Congratulations!

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Your welcome. Thank you. Fracking build 😉




Amen to that, keep fracking building :)

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@ifarmgirl! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @bradleyarrow. (10/30)

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