BMR for 3rd May 2021 - Thanks and Bitcoin Up!

in #alive2 months ago

Hello to all the wonderful people in cryptoland.



And I am alive and well. Thanks to everyone that gave such great responses to my video blog from yesterday. And thanks for your concern. It was just a temporary pissed offness that I need to rant about.

All my regular readers know what day this is for me! lol

Market Report:

Hive: $0.6239 - I had a dream last night it was above $1.00 when I wake up this morning.

Bitcoin: $58,773.11 - Rocking on up.

BCH: $1,031.13 - Looking real good, now if I can find out whats on the go over at Noise.Cash.

CUB: $2.59 - I have no idea whats up.







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Have a great day all.