BMR for 26th Oct 2021 - So many screen shots! lol

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Morning everyone,

As my title says, so many screen shots. The fruits of my labour are paying off. Today I believe I got CTP Token shots from 2019, 2020 and of course today. And I got some Bitcoin ones also. So lets jump right in.

Hive: $0.8131 up a bit 1.33%

Bitcoin: $62,947.31 up 0.32%


Wow look at Bitcoin in 2 years. Sometimes I forget how well it is doing. This puts it in perspective.

CUB: $0.4309 down 0.26%

Chia: $149.84 down 0.50%




Now, I got three CTP Token graphics. 2021, 2020, 2019 in that order ;)




Gives a real good visual to how far CTP Token has come.




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Have a great day all.


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