BMR for 11th Oct 2021 - Token and their ups and down.

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I thought I would have a close look at a couple tokens this morning. First is Alive. I think I made reference to the price spread from Bid and Ask yesterday. Looking at the graphic is amazing.

Below you can see the order book. Now if it was me and I wanted to sell I would be thinking long and hard if I would sell at 0.02300 or if I would try to get higher because of the range.


Here is the Trade HIstory for quick reference.


I am no professional trader but it just seems a bit odd to sell so low when you don't need to.






And the same thing is going on over at Index:


I assume it can only be a supply/HODL issue. People are buying quicker than the sellers are appearing.


Yes my report is upside down today! lol

Hive: $0.8254 up 1.49%

Bitcoin: $56,414.07 up 2.46%

Cub: $0.3837 down 1.42%

Chia: $159.27 down 3.60%

Happy Thanksgiving :)

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Have a great day all.



It is quite fantastic to see this development, and as I said before when the price went down it would allow the people who wants to stake it to buy up the supply at a bargain.


100 percent agreed.


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